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Why Deer Valley


If you and your family want the best  "HEAVY BUILT, ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME,” this is it and it is available at Country Comfort Homes!
We are the #1 Deer Valley Dealer in Arkansas.

Deer Valley Homebuilders understands purchasing a home is a considerable undertaking and significant investment. With Deer Valley, building materials are not compromised. Home building materials, energy efficiency and workmanship remain paramount and our driving force.

Numerous advantages are considerably evident through in-facility controlled environment building. Deer Valley Homebuilders homes are constructed without exposure to the elements. Building components stay dry and weather delays are eliminated.

In plant continual inspections result in compliance with improved current energy and construction codes.  Our monitored improved techniques coupled with supply component advances result in tighter, stronger, construction and enhanced energy efficiency.  Controlled planned construction improves scheduled time line completion and saves money.

Through discussion, consultation and numerous years of experience we include the below items to consider:

  • All Exterior Walls are 2x6 with Energy Efficient R19 Insulation. All series of homes constructed by Deer Valley Homebuilders are built with 2 x 6’s. This allows more insulation in the sidewalls and much stronger construction. While this feature is more expensive, it is definitely better and standard with all three Deer Valley Series of homes.
  • LUMBER – Deer Valley Homebuilders frames and constructs each home with #1 and #2 lumber. We do not use #3 lumber or culls. This largely eliminates any potential warping or bowing.
  • Top and Bottom Plates are 2 x 6 and 2 x 4. We do not use 1 x 4s as framing members.
  • Double 2 x Studded Headers above doors and windows vs. single stud design. This measure prevents sagging, contributing to greater structural integrity.  
  • 7/16”s Tech Shield Radiant Heat Barrier Roof Decking (lessens attic heat by approximately 30 degrees thereby increasing shingle life.) Significant long term energy cost savings are realized. All series of homes constructed by Deer Valley Homebuilders include this significant energy savings feature standard.
  • Energy Star Availability - All homes built to reduce energy costs.
  • 2 x 8 floor joists with double perimeter rails. Compare to single rail construction. - 2 x 10 floor joists with Sun Valley off frame construction
  • 2 x 4 Interior Walls – Compare to 1 x 4 or 2 x3 interior walls.
  • 23/32” OSB floor decking (plywood optional) vs. NovaDeck, Cresdeck or 5/8ths OSB.
  • OSB Wrap/Sheathing with Whole House Wrap Moisture Barrier vs. Black Board/Foam Board or a Lesser Substrate. OSB seams are minimized and covered with full house wrap.
  • 40/40 Breaker Panel with 12-2 minimum wire circuits (Deer Valley and Sun Valley)
  • ½” Finished Sheetrock throughout Home vs. Partial finished drywall or vinyl on gypsum. Typical thickness of vinyl on gypsum is 3/8” or less. Thicker sheetrock is less likely to break/crack and has a greater firewall rating.
  • Sherwin Williams’ Quality Paint allows for décor change over a lifetime. Interior paint is zero VOC (volatile organic compound) Promar 400 providing superior quality, availability and safety for your family. Exterior Paint for Cement Fiberboard is Sherwin Williams Duracraft. Interior:   Exterior:
  • Hand Laid 16” Nafco Floor tile in Kitchens, Baths, & Utility – 20-year warranty vs. roll goods. Tears and floor discolorations are eliminated. The average cost of installed NAFCO Permastone at your local retail floor store will range between $5 and $7 per square foot. The thickness is .125 gauge vs. a typical import that is .080 gauge. Ours is over 1 ½ times as thick.   (standard in Deer Valley and Sun Valley Series)
  • KITH KCMA Certified Cabinets vs. factory built. KITH cabinets have ¾” adjustable overhead shelves and a ½ shelf in the base cabinet. This allows kitchen storage customization and enables the ability to place large items upright in the front area of the base cabinets. KITH is a professional cabinet maker with state of the art cabinet building facilities with decades of experience. Compare these to non KCMA certified cabinets built in manufactured housing facilities. Solid wood cabinetry doors and stiles are greatly superior to wrapped MDF (medium density fiberboard) cabinet doors.  We offer 8 different cabinet colors in both raised panel and flat panel. Please see your home retailer for exact selections available.
  • Drawer over Door Cabinet Construction with Lazy Susan (per print) vs. individual doors and drawer stacks. Metal roller guides are standard vs. plastic.
  • Deluxe Croft Low Emissivity (Low E) Thermal Pane Windows with Residential Grid Pattern – lifetime warranty vs. a variety of window offerings from single pane to various thermal pane offerings. Make sure your windows are not just thermal pane, but Low E. All of our window installations are sealed with silicone caulking and window tape, thereby eliminating undesirable exterior air intrusion. Also highly recommended is to compare the Solar Heat Gain and UV ratings listed on the windows. Superior windows have a significant impact with relation to energy efficiency.
  • Fiberglass Tubs and Showers (bone colored) Throughout Home. Deer Valley uses a 48” master bath shower and a 60” hall bathtub/shower combination at a minimum. We have several options including ceramic, travertine and glass. Our largest and greatly popular walk in shower is 48 x 96.
  • China Lavatories (bone colored) in Baths with Overflow Spill Drains
  • Bronze Bath Faucets and Shower Door in Baths 
  • Rolled Edge Countertops in Kitchens and Baths. Deer Valley uses post form thickness on their countertops vs. a vertical grade by many other manufacturers. Rolled edge countertops by Formica are the choice countertop for water protection and low maintenance. Travertine and Glass Backsplashes are optioned in a large percentage of our construction.
  • 8’ Residential Ceilings with Large Linen Crown Molding Throughout (9’ optional)
  • Perimeter Floor Registers. (DVLY and SVLY) The perimeter heat system in a Deer Valley is truly an efficient full perimeter system using manual J  calculations (overhead ducts) for superior air balance and flow. If you choose overhead ducts, we recommend and use R-8 ducting in conjunction with mixing boxes. It is important that your ducts are sealed with mastic and taped to eliminate leakage.  With our minimum standard R-30 in the roof, a sealed top plate and radiant heat barrier roof decking, you will be well pleased with your utility savings. This will be evident with all Deer Valley Homebuilders’ Homes.
  • 36 x 80 Vinyl Clad Dunbarton 6 Panel Steel Front Door with Full View Storm. Both our front and rear doors are 3680 vinyl clad with deadbolt locks for increased security. Door jambs are vinyl clad or metal.  Compare this to wood jamb doors where maintenance is absolutely necessary.
  • Large Profile Off White or Pecan Crown Molding, Baseboards and Door Facing
  • 40 Gallon Double Element Electric Water Heater – at a minimum for quick recovery. Some state code construction requires various sized water heaters. All water heaters have a catch pan base.
  • 10” Residential Eaves with a 7 1/4” fiber cement fascia board. Many manufacturers have 6” eaves with a 5” metal or Hardboard Fascia. Our eaves are vented all the way around with raised heel rafters for better up flow air intake, improving roof cavity ventilation and extending shingle life.
  • Tortoise Stained Tea Glass Light Fixtures – Bedroom lights are all two bulb fixtures completely enclosed with Glass. This prevents shadowing/ceiling reflection vs. lesser-used fixtures. Walk in closets are lighted and switched. Deer Valley homes also are wired and braced for ceiling fans in living rooms, family rooms and all bedrooms standard.
  • 6 Panel Mortised Interior Doors with Oil Rubbed Bronze Levered Door Handles
  • Frigidaire Appliances

We're the #1 Deer Valley Dealer in Arkansas

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